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AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylic Paints 17ml Standard Orange Label Vol I

AK Interactive 3rd Generation Acrylic Paints 17ml Standard Orange Label Vol I

AK Interactive 3rd Generation (3G) Acrylic Paints Standard Colours Orange Label Vol I



AK Interactive  3rd Generation Acrylic Paints 

Use the Drop down box to choose your colours and Add to Basket.

Latest generation colours, with a new technologically superior formula to paint with a brush and airbrush, avoiding the traditional clogs when diluted.

Non-toxic, very high pigmentation, coverage and resistance for models kits, miniatures and modelling in general.

The new cap allows you to quickly identify the colour.

It comes in 17ml bottles.



White Grey, 


Greenish White, 

Silver Grey, 

Rock Grey, 

Grimy Grey, 

Warm Grey, 

Med Grey, 

Blue Grey, 

Sky Grey, 

Pale Grey, 

Med Sea Grey, 

Dark Sea grey, 

Grey Green, 

Reddish Grey, 

Neutral Grey, 


English Grey, 

Basalt Grey, 

Dark Grey, 

Lead Grey, 

Ash Grey, 

German Grey, 

Tenebrouse Gey, 

Rubber Black, 

Smoke Black, 



Pale Sand, 

Dark sand, 

Med sand, 

Sand Yellow, 

Ice Yellow,  

Pale Yellow 

Purulent Yellow, 

Sahara Yellow, 

Golden Yellow, 

Volcanic Yellow, 

Dirty Yellow, 


Radiant Yellow, 

Lemon Yellow, 

Laser Yellow, 

Fluorescent Yellow, 

Light Flesh, 

Luminous Flesh, 

Basic Skin Tone, 

Radiant Flesh, 

Med Flesh Tone, 

Sunny Skin Tone, 

Dark Flesh, 

Vampiric Flesh, 

Decomposed Flesh, 

Sickly Pink, 


Old Rose, 

Brown Rose, 

Beige Red, 

Laser Magenta, 


Fluorescent Magenta, 



Violet Red, 

Light Orange, 

Med Orange, 

Burn Orange,  

Fluorescent Orange, 

Luminous Orange, 

Dead Orange, 


Cadmium Red, 

Amaranth Red, 

Scarlet Red, 

Blood Red, 



Matt Red, 

Brick Red, 

Bordeaux Red, 

Dirty Red, 

Wine Red, 

Burn Red, 

Black Red, 

Ocher Orange, 

Light Brown, 

Orange Brown, 

Med Rust, 

Saddle Brown, 

Light Rust, 

Mahogany Brown, 

Dark Rust, 

Hull Red, 

Dark Brown, 

Leather Brown, 

Burnt Umber, 

Grim Brown, 



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